21 January 2018

Sunday Stamps II - 162

1968, Australia, Olympics

112 countries participated in 18 sports at the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico City from October 12-27, 1968. This stamp features the Mexican flag on the right and an Aztec calendar stone on the left. As an extra X, the first Aztec calendar was called the Xiuhpohualli, the counting of years (18 months of 20 days, plus 5 'unlucky' days when disasters may happen). There is also a second calendar on the stone for the days - each week had 13 days. It was carved from solidified lava in the 15th C, but somehow was lost for 300 years, later found buried in the central square of Mexico City.

for the letter X - Mexico, Xiuhpohualli

20 January 2018

Wacker Drive


Wacker Drive runs along the south side of the main branch (and east side of the south branch) of the Chicago River in the downtown area of Chicago called the Loop. It's a double decker road with the upper level for local traffic and the lower level for through traffic and service trucks. It was named for businessman and city planner Charles Whacker.

14 January 2018

Sunday Stamps II - 161

1996, Canada

For International Stamp Week, this set of stamps on the 30th anniversary of Disney's first appearance of Winnie the Pooh was issued. 

Walt Disney acquired the rights in 1961 and Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree came out in 1966 (voiced by Sterling Holloway). 

Originally from White River in northern Ontario, Winnie was named after Lt Colebourne's hometown of Winnipeg.

for the letter W - 
Winnie-the-Pooh, White River, Walt Disney

12 January 2018


Anton Pieck, 1895-1987

Anton Pieck was an illustrator and painter known for his nostalgic fairy tale depictions of city and winter scenes in Holland.

07 January 2018

Sunday Stamps II - 160

1984, Viet Nam

Hon Am, an UNESCO site at Ha Long Bay

for the letter V - Viet Nam

31 December 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 159

1989, USSR, Samovar

The first samovar factory was founded in Tula by gunmakers moving in a new direction, in 1778. By the mid 1800s, the town had 70 samovar manufacturers. The peak period for production was in the 1880s and Tula became synonymous with samovars. 

for the letter U - USSR

24 December 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 158

1977, Australia
designer: Roger Roberts

This Surfing Santa stamp was controversial when it was issued in 1977. Apparently, Santa could be too irreverent. This was only the second year a secular Christmas stamp had been issued, and the following year, AusPost returned to issuing only religious themed stamps. In 2007, it was reissued for a 50th year celebration of Christmas stamps. 
Merry Christmas to one and all!
For Christmas